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YearCategoryCheckoffProject TitleAmount
2023AgronomyKentucky Soybean Promotion BoardA decision tool to identify economically optimum planting date$33,501.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilA tool for cheap and rapid tracking of soybean inoculant populations in field soil $14,959.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilAlternative Soybean Production Management Options in Acidic Soils$11,525.00
2023AgronomyIowa Soybean AssociationAmplifying ISA investment through National Collaborative Research$12,189.00
2023AgronomyLouisiana Soybean and Grain Research and Promotion BoardCharacterizing Soil Health and Yield Under Conservation Practices in Soybean and Grain Production Systems$45,000.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilDetermination of optimum irrigation amount and timing for enhanced soybean yield, quality, water productivity, and soil health under semiarid western ND$26,200.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilDevelop a New Recombinase Polymerase Amplification Assay for Rapid Detection of the Root-lesion Nematode Pratylenchus Dakotaensis from Soil $9,565.00
2023AgronomyMaryland Soybean BoardEarlier Planting Date and Decreased Population Impacts on Full Season Early Maturity Soybeans $26,544.00
2023AgronomySouth Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion CouncilEvaluating Yield Response and the Return on Investment of Biological Seed Treatments$5,462.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilField Validation of Mineral N Cycling from Mixed Crop Residues in Long­term No-till Systems$4,517.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilImpact of crop sequence and tillage on crop yield and quality, soil nutrients, pH, texture and microbial population$45,557.00
2023AgronomyNorth Central Soybean Research ProgramMapping soybean protein and oil quality in farmer fields$218,002.00
2023AgronomyIowa Soybean AssociationOn-farm soybean field trials using small, light-weight, autonomous planters$102,523.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilOptimal Respray Intervals for Glufosinate, 2,4-D, and Dicamba on Glyphosate-Resistant Waterhemp and Palmer Amaranth $26,861.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilOptimizing fungicide application frequency and application interval relative to soybean maturity for improved white mold management in soybeans $35,000.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilOptimizing fungicide spray volume for improved white mold management in soybeans$66,200.00
2023AgronomyMaryland Soybean BoardParticipation in National Evaluation of Soybean Biological Seed Treatments$10,436.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilPigweed Awareness Coalition: Increasing Awareness and Risk of Palmer Amaranth and Waterhemp in ND$30,000.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilReversing Herbicide Resistance in Waterhemp and Palmer Amaranth$6,683.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilSoil Health and Agriculture Research Extension (SHARE) Farm Research - Logan Center $19,829.00
2023AgronomyDelaware Soybean BoardSoil pH and Planting Timing Effects on Yield$6,356.00
2023AgronomyMaryland Soybean BoardSoybean fungicide efficacy, profitability, and pest resistance over time$11,105.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilSoybean Gall Midge Survey in North Dakota $18,000.00
2023AgronomyIowa Soybean AssociationSoybean nitrogen fertility for high-yielding soybeans following high-yielding corn and winter cereal rye cover crops$139,052.00
2023AgronomyKansas Soybean CommissionSoybean Nutrition and Planting Date (and Dry-Down) Effects on Yield and Seed Quality$34,961.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilSoybean tolerance to preplant-applied dicamba$7,145.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilSudden Death Syndrome -Short Course $22,320.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilTiming of pre-plant herbicide programs for weed control in no-till soybeans in southwest North Dakota $5,000.00
2023AgronomyNew York Corn & Soybean Growers AssociationUse of Soybean Yield Monitor Data to Set Farm, Field and Soil-Type Based Yield Goals and Evaluate Headland Yield Potentials$10,000.00
2023AgronomyNorth Dakota Soybean CouncilWinter rye cover crop establishment options, and soybean response to prior-year phosphorus application$9,000.00
2023AgronomyKentucky Soybean Promotion BoardYield and ROI on Biological Seed Treatments$11,500.00