Soy Protein Derived Thermoset Resins for Traditional Molding and 3D Printing
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This is the first year of this project.
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Long Jiang, North Dakota State University
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There is interest in developing soy protein isolate (SPI)-based plastics to reduce the use of traditional petroleum-based ones. However, the use of SPI plastics has been hindered due to their inferior mechanical properties and poor water resistance. In this work, SPI plastics with significantly improved mechanical properties and water resistance were developed using UV curable SPI resin and UV curable cellulose nanofibers. Three UV curable materials were produced through methacrylation. This project demonstrates a method and formulations to produce SPI plastics with exceptional properties. Furthermore, the potential of this resin in 3D printing and conventional plastics molding is demonstrated.

Key Benefactors:
farmers, scientists, engineers

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Final Project Results

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